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First Term Report Cards - Tuesday February 13, 2018

Event Date: Feb 12, 2018

First term report cards will be sent home with all students from Kindergarten to Grade 8 on Tuesday February 13th. Parents who wish to have an interview with their child’s teacher are asked to please send back the envelope checking off the request for an interview so your request can be accommodated. Please remember to return page 3 of the report card so that your partnership in your child's learning can be supported by the school and so that your child's report card can be properly filed in your child’s OSR (Ontario Student Record) for future reference.

Some reflective questions for students to consider when looking back on the past term: “Have I kept as positive attitude when learning something new?” “When I am stuck on a problem what can I do to solve it?” “When the learning became difficult, did I stick to it or did I quit?” Study after study indicates that if students have a documented plan of action to help them with a specified goal then the chances of success improve. A learning goal complete with success criteria is something staff and someone at home can work toward with our children so they can reach success. We look forward to continuing our work with you at home to provide your children with the best possible learning experience this year.

If you have any questions or concerns, please be sure to contact the school. What may appear to be a small question now will help to eliminate larger questions or concerns later.

First Term Report Cards - Tuesday February 13, 2018